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Critical Infrastructure and Services

IGMAKO Smart Solutions is firmly committed to the development of Critical infrastructure and services of next generation networks, and is one of the catalysts in the deployment from GSM-R to Private Networks LTE/4G and 5G technology, facilitating the mass rollout of mobile broadband services.


We have the technology portfolio and skill sets needed to deliver entire GSM-R projects end-to-end, giving operators a single point of contact and accountability, reducing complexity and costs.

Transmission Network

The Transmission network solutions give operators advanced transport capabilities that cost-effectively support the full range of voice and data services. Our solutions are designed to support the migration from legacy SDH technologies to IP-based networks. They increase network capacity and performance.

Dispatch Communications

We have the expertise of the latest voice and data solutions to optimise command centre operations. Be sure that your dispatchers have the best tools available to respond quickly and effectively.

We have solutions to provide reliable connectivity, intuitive operation, and robust functionality whether your organisation is large or small, and has basic or complex needs.

Private LTE

Powering Industry 4.0 today the IGMAKO Smart Solutions offers industrial-grade Private LTE 4G and 5G end-to-end, next-generation communication technology, for Mining, Utilities, Manufacturing, and Airports. Private network solutions include all core and access functions to provide a full standalone deployment of a private network for voice, data and video applications, customised for your needs.

Smart Infrastructure

With Smart Infrastructure we are connecting energy systems, buildings and industries to help customers to better use resources and evolve how we live and work. We offer solutions from intelligent Smart Grid control, Smart City, Smart Transportation, to Smart Storage solutions.

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IGMAKO Smart Solution Services